Commissioner – Caroline Naphegyi and Sam Baron
Organization – Porto Design Biennale

The Porto Design Biennale 2021 program includes the presentation of the AUTRE exhibition at MNSR, curated by Caroline Naphegyi and Sam Baron. Using the surrealist technique of cadavre exquis, AUTRE asked French and Portuguese artists, designers and thinkers to develop creative work based on a set of objects collected in Porto, including in the MNSR reserves.
The result of the creative work is evident not only in the Museum’s exhibition rooms, but also in Cerca, a space that is open to visitors and which houses a significant part of the lapidary collection.
The curators’ proposal is to question the contribution and impact of humans on the planet, the representations and stories revealed by the artefacts and the concept of a Museum itself. Collecting and showing, conserving and communicating, studying and connecting, contemplating and circulating are some of the dialectics explored in this exhibition.